WSUS Mission

The mission of the Michal Iwaszkiewicz University of Social Sciences outlines the University’s objectives, its values, standard and mode of behaviour. Basically, the mission expresses our intention as to the role we would like to play in the society.

‘Knowledge and skills’ is the fundamental and guiding principle that accompanies all our activities contributing to the development of our society as an advanced knowledge-based community. Our intention is to handover thorough knowledge supported by the WSUS academic personnel’s practical skills, competence, experience and exchange of best practices as well as to meet current social needs.

WSUS thoroughly prepares artists, specialists and managers capable of initiating various social and cultural activities. They are also able to effectively organize company’s marketing activities and manage business entities in the conditions of free market economy. The School educates according to its programmes and general standards of education, however, beyond this; our objective is to train students in an exclusive and unique way.

Part of our mission is to participate in multilateral projects related to cooperation between universities. WSUS, as an institution of higher education, acquires importance attracting and cooperating with some most important people from the circles of art, culture and science. The University’s activities like: extending its programmes, developing new educational fields of study, implementing innovative projects, eliminating discrepancies between students from the regions of lower social, cultural and educational standards, show that they are visible and are a part of the School’s input in the civilisational development of our country and an important element of educating young generation.

Our programmes are not only addressed to young people but they also involve all sorts of age groups according to the principles of the Lifelong Learning Programme and the course of individual carrier paths. This is possible thanks to our multilateral and multilevel agreements and contracts with other institutions of higher education. This cooperation is based on the principles of science and education complementary programmes, excluding competitiveness. This allows us to educate students and equip them with very narrow and unique practical skills but yet meeting the needs of the job market in such fields as culture management, organisation and arrangement of social space.

Our activities are fully integrated with the key objectives of the Bologna Process. We realize and develop our programmes to meet and assure high quality of education, recognize and valorize periods spent and certificates/diplomas of education received in a European context. We also promote the European Higher Education Area in our city, region and on the national level. We encourage our academic personnel to greater involvement into scientific research and our students to participate in scientific groups of their interests.

Social problems: their diagnosis, analysis and attempt to change the current situation, is one of the WSUS priorities. This is reflected in research essays, undertaken efforts on meeting non-discrimination objectives and in particular on gender equality, combating xenophobia and racism, enhancement of social and economic cohesion, and integration of disabled students and staff, which are carried out by activities involving all students in the educational process and everyday life of academic community.

The School is becoming more and more visible on an international level. It propagates Polish culture beyond its borders and also familiarises Polish students with cultures of other countries. Full membership in the European Union sets for us the following targets:

Implement all key objectives of the Bologna Declaration

Assure high quality of education

Work towards enhancement of social and economic cohesion

Overcome obstacles to improve student mobility

Promote livelong learning


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