You only need to take 3 steps to become a student of the University of Social Sciences in Poznan:

Fill in the online application form at the bottom of the page. You will need the scans of the required documents to be uploaded with the form (find the list of required documents in the section „essential information”).

After sending the online application form, you will receive the agreement  – send us the signed scan by e-mail.

  If you apply traditionally, deliver your documents to our office (in person or by post / courier) and … welcome to the group of students!

         Do you have any questions? Call +48 538 622 005



University’s bank account no:  77 1050 1520 1000 0022 5859 3322

  • The scan of secondary school leaving certificate

  • A duplicate of the diploma of university education (with the supplement) together with a photocopy (required from the candidates applying for Master’s degree postgraduate programme or postgraduate course)

  • Application letter for university admission – DOWNLOAD

  • Personal questionnaire form – DOWNLOAD

  • A photo in the format 20 X 25MM, 300dpi

  • Payment confirmation of the registration fee PLN 85 (PLN 150 for art faculties) to the bank account of the University of Social Sciences of Prof. Michał Iwaszkiewicz in Poznan

Account number: 77 1050 1520 1000 0022 5859 3322

Title: Registration fee. Candidate’s name and surname


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