Cycle studies of master degree (5 years)

Full-time or part-time studies


The main focus of teaching on this faculty is getting students to know Polish and international law (especially with European law).

Classes are led by notable specialists of lecturers of legal science – including lecturers from universities: among others Law Faculty of University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan, with which the University of Social Sciences has an agreement of cooperating in teaching and research. Lecturers from this faculty are experienced adepts in legal professions, which is giving a guarantee of an effective combination of theory and practice.

The obligatory element of this study is work experience in an institution of state administration and self-government, law office, entity of law enforcement or criminal justice. The University has a signed agreement with appropriate institutions that lets students from higher years get to know the character of their future work better.

Degree students are guaranteed to have comprehensive legal knowledge. However, the completion of studies in the law faculty is not always combined with a specific legal profession – legal counsel, lawyer, notary, a prosecutor, a judge or bailiff.


In the course of study, students acquire the skills that will allow them to work in public administration. In the course of study they are also kept informed about the possibilities of the legal apprenticeship, requirements of the Ministry of Justice in this regard and the prospects for perspectives of change and development in the market of legal services.

Completing the law faculty in the University entitles you to take doctoral studies at any university.


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