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Poznan is famous for its well-organised network of public transport. Due to its location Poznan is also a very important domestic and international junction (convenient coach and train connections from practically every part of Poland). It is situated on international routes such as: Berlin-Moscow, Scandinavia and the South of Europe. Poznan has its own airport (Lawica) that provides not only domestic but also international flights. It’s the third largest academic centre, as far as number of students is concerned. Poznan is perceived as a tidy, clean, and well-organised city. People find Poznan beautiful as it has numerous parks, gardens squares and other recreational areas. This is a city where cultural and sports events and entertainments are abound (both permanent and one-off). There are many museums, art galleries, theatres, cinemas, clubs , pubs, discos and restaurants. Poznan has its own Opera House and Philharmonic Hall. Over 30 hotels, 2 motels 2 camp- sites and 4 youth hostels can accommodate those who come here for a short stay or a longer visit.

The School provides students with accommodation (reasonable price guaranteed) in hotels, youth hostels and students’ houses such as Eskulap, Medyk, Aspirynka, Hipokrates or Wawrzynek.


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